Posted by: everynation | March 2, 2007

“King of the World” finds tomb of “King of the Jews”?

by Lynn Nawata

lynn1.jpgIf you have a tv (or if you are addicted to CNN like yours truly), you may have heard the recent fuss about the supposed discovery of the “Jesus Tomb” in Jerusalem.

James Cameron, famed director of the movie “Titanic” (not to mention “Aliens” and “Piranha, Part Two: The Spawning”) held a widely publicized press conference on Feb 26th in which he claimed to have found the tomb of Jesus. I should probably mention that the purpose of the press conference was to promote his new documentary called, ‘The Lost Tomb of Christ.’

I guess you can’t blame the guy for knowing how to create “buzz” for his new documentary. However, I thought it would be helpful to point you to a few good blogs that provide answers to any questions you or people you know may have as a result of Cameron’s documentary and the subsequent media frenzy. (Thanks to Ligon Duncan for sending us the links to the first 2 blogs)

Click here to read Dr. Ben Witherington’s blog – The Jesus Tomb? ‘Titanic” Talpiot Tomb Theory Sunk from the Start

Click here to read Dr. Andreas Köstenberger’s blog – The Jesus Tomb

I also encourage you to read this thought-provoking opposing opinion blog by David Boles – Jesus Found Dead in His Grave. One of the great things about the blogosphere is that it allows us to see inside the minds of people who do not think like us (or agree with us). David’s blog is very well written, has over 250,000 hits and, as of this writing, 156 people have commented on his Jesus Tomb entry. It’s always good to remember there are a lot of Davids out there…

Lynn Nawata is the author of The Tale of Gaijin, Lynn’s Book Club, and is the Chief Blogging Officer of Every Nation Ministries.


  1. Thanks for the kind comment, Lynn! I appreciate your insight and your tenderness of consideration.

  2. You’re welcome, David! I really think you have a great perspective and plan to add your blog to my regular diet of blog-reading – Lynn.

  3. In 2002 Ben Witherington said this about his phony James Ossuary:

    “This is probably going to be the biggest New Testament find in my lifetime, as big as the Dead Sea scrolls.”

    In 2007, James Cameron said this about HIS phony ossuaries:

    “This is the biggest archeological story of the century. It’s absolutely not a publicity stunt.”

    It’s true that a prophet has no honor in his own country. The press in Witherington’s native Kentucky have delicately raised the issue of the pot calling the kettle black, that is, the pot calling the ossuary cracked in Witherington’s overheated (the gentleman protests too much) protestations against the latest “biggest New Testament find” in his lifetime.


  4. Thanks for your reply and link, Joe. For me, the question about all these finds and non-finds would be — if science ever proves beyond a doubt that it is Jesus’ tomb or James’ tomb or Judas’ silver coins or they find Noah’s Ark or what have you — will it make a difference in whether people follow Jesus or not? – Lynn

  5. Lynn, thank you for writting about this! If you look at the big picture it sounds to me like some people just wants to sell some tickets.

  6. My question is “if” or “WHEN” they find this to be a “stasticital” bunch of bunk, and then analyze the evidence that history, eye witnesses, documet scrutany, and the overwhelming stastical evidence that Jesus Christ is the one prophesied about and that he fulfilled those prophesies which makes Him the Messiah from God and that “stastically” it would be an impossibility for this to all be chance. And When they consider that the Bible is a colaboration of 66 books written on 3 continents by over 40 authors over a 1500 year period with one central theme and that we have more evidence that it is documentally sound than we do that Homer, or Socrates ever even existed… at that point will James Cameron give his life to Christ?…… so who is really wanting to examine ALL the evidence and be REALLY OPEN?

    note that all of James Camerons “evidence” is founded on “what if’s” and “could be’s”.

    This is only arguing from a “Statistical” standpoint, not to mention the miracles and change I have personally witnessed and experienced in the name of Jesus!

  7. Pastors should be the laughingest people on earth but if some of you have dried up lately, go search Cameron’s brilliant newscoup on his alleged discovery. I guarantee, it will set you off to a year of laughing revival! If you can’t laugh at his hilarious wacky claim, you’re a hopeless burnout and you need to rest by reading all the genealogies in the Old Testament which should lullaby you to sweet sleep in 7 minutes. If you can’t still sleep you have a serious case of insomnia and you need to BREAK out of that vicious PRISON in a PURPOSE-DRIVEN way because brother, God wants you to ENJOY THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE not next week or next month but NOW! For more details, don’t dare miss the Coliseum convergence this Sunday.

    On a positive note, I am delighted that guys like Cameron are actually interested in our Jesus and all that He represents. It may only be for their commercial purpose (very obvious at this point) but I believe in miracles – who knows, Cameron’s own documentary can speak to him in ways no preacher or theologian can – that indeed there was a Man in a real Tomb that was emptied after 3 days.

  8. jovie — thx for the sunday convergence plug. see you @ the big dome.

    does anyone know if/when this will show in MNL?

  9. James Cameron Finds Ice On The Sun

  10. Cameron is a goober. ’nuff said.

  11. Lynn,

    I thought your handling of this subject, and especially your interaction with David himself, was gracious and admirable. However, I don’t think I could agree with you that his piece was “very well written,” though. Not on the basis of its subject matter and angle, but because there were several times that he made leaps that I had a hard time following. (Also, I had a fantastic writing professor who once told me that we only get a handful of times in our lives to use the word “very,” so we should use them wisely)

    I agree that we should get out and read others who don’t think like us and interact with them in keeping with the fruits of the Spirit. I took a shot at it in commenting on his piece at his site if you’re interested in taking a look.

  12. hi jed,
    thanks for your comments — well, I have to say that, as a woman (and a blogger), I have a tendency to use words like “very,” “really,” and “really, really” as well as punctuation such as !!! and :) and ;-) and more, so i do not consider them out of place on a blog…!!!
    lynn :)

  13. I appreciate your openness and keenly intellectual mind! Although you clearly believe the Christian view that Cameron could not have found the tomb (and bones) of Jesus because He had already ascended bodily to heaven, your strong faith did not prohibit you from keeping an intellectual curiosity in reading “thought-provoking opposing opinions”. I respect you… very, very highly; I really, do!!!

  14. Thanks, Robert — I’m glad you read our blogs! :)

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