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By Ross Middleton

Simple thought. Every single thing that we have in our life, material, spiritual, financial, time, children etc. Is a gift from God. None of it is ultimately mine. My kids are not mine, my job is not mine, my money is not mine, my time is not mine, my spiritual gifts are not mine.

When I get to heaven I am going to have to take all the things that God has “loaned” me and give them back to him.

My material goods are on loan, my spiritual gifts are on loan, my money is on loan, my time is on loan, my kids are on loan. You get the point. Let’s steward every single gift that God has given us because ultimately, it’s all his. Let’s not be selfish with what we have, its not ours, God loaned it to us.

You better take care of it and steward it well. Or else!

Ross Middleton is the lead pastor of the upcoming church plant in Miami, Florida, South Coast Church.

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Our 2012 Vision Focus Message

By Wolfi Eckleben

Every year we pray to seek “what the Spirit is saying to the church.” We’re not looking for a new mission, but for His emphasis or His correction for us to respond to and follow. In this 11 minute video message to all our congregations, Wolfi articulates what the pastors sense the Lord is saying, that its a year to FOCUS (On Jesus and the priorities of our mission), and to OVERFLOW BY FAITH…

Watch this, read the vision, and join to RUN with it!

We pray God’s very richest blessing on you in 2012.

Wolfgang Eckleben is the senior pastor of Every Nation Church London. He is married to his wife, Alison, and have two daughters, Amy and Abigail.

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Changes in our Every Nation Website

Big changes will soon happen to our website days after we publish this post. We will not enumerate them all but announcing the change will help you get familiarized with what we do as an organization. The biggest change you will see is a clear focus on our core initiatives: Church Planting, Campus Ministry, World Missions, and Social Responsibility (We’ll explain this more when we launch the new website). We’ve integrated seven regional news and update websites containing local stories of what our churches and missionaries are doing to chronicle God’s faithfulness in the lives of those we’re engaging. Lastly, our Pray for the Nations, Missionary Profiles, and other features will be integrated in stories and blogs providing you with more insights on what Every Nation does as a movement.

We thank you for your continued support and partnership so please watch out for these changes and more next month so you can be equipped further to disciple more people, to encourage more to serve others, and to honor God in everything you do to lead more people to Jesus Christ.

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No More Excuses!

By Steve Murrell

I’m pretty good at making excuses. Always have been. What about you?

In Luke 14 Jesus tells a story about excuses. Bottom line: Jesus doesn’t really like excuses.

Here’s the parable paraphrased: Rich dude threw a party; really a lavish banquet. Many who were invited made EXCUSES why they couldn’t attend.

[18] “But they all alike began to MAKE EXCUSES. The first said, `I have just bought a field, and I must go and see it. PLEASE EXCUSE ME.’ [19] “Another said, `I have just bought five yoke of oxen, and I’m on my way to try them out. PLEASE EXCUSE ME.’ [20] “Still another said, `I just got married, so I can’t come.’

None of their excuses were accepted; none of ours will ever be accepted either.

[23] “Then the master told his servant, `Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, SO THAT MY HOUSE WILL BE FULL.”

Here’s my summary of the parable:

1. God wants his house (church) full.

2. God wants us to stop making excuses for not being full.

3. God wants us to “GO OUT” so his “house will be full”

What are you waiting for? Time to go and make disciples!

Steve Murrell is the president of the Every Nation Churches and Ministries and the founder of Victory Philippines.

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Silver, Good China, and No More Holding Back

By Lynette Lewis 

At our house we have a simple tradition on Christmas day….one person takes the gifts from beneath the tree and puts them in a pile for the others.  Then we open them individually while everyone else watches.

It struck me today, on the start of a brand new year, that in life we also have piles of gifts (abilities, qualities, and talents).  But it’s not enough to have them.  WE HAVE TO OPEN THEM.

For some odd reason I often hold gifts back…

  • I seldom use our sterling silverware.  Never mind the awe of even possessing such a treasure (a wedding gift from Ron’s Mom.)  Better keep it in the chest so it won’t tarnish.
  • Our best china (the pattern I spent hours choosing because I liked it so much) remains hidden in the cabinet adding zero elegance to our meals.  Love it and hide it?  What a novel idea.
  • Clothes & shoes “so gorgeous I have to have them” somewhere in the closet, waiting for who knows when?

Since when does using something now in the moment mean coming up short later?  Where does this scarcity mentality come from?

Worse yet, what about the gifts inside ourselves that matter a whole lot more than possessions, like our personalities and passion, true selves that are meant to be given that the world around us might benefit and grow?

What gifts are you saving for later, keeping them under wraps?

In 2012, I’m pulling out the silver,  using the china, and wearing the dress.

A new year of possibilities is calling out for you too, calling our names, calling for every gift inside to open, blossom, and soar!

2012 here we come…

Lynette Lewis is an inspirational speaker, inspiring men and women for the past 20 years about topics on vision and purpose. She is the author of the book, “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos” and serves as a Business Consultant to various global clients. She is happily married to her husband, Ron, and a mother to four grown sons.

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