Posted by: everynation | December 13, 2011

Divine Hide and Seek (The Gospel in Genesis)

By Steve Murrell

While doing the Purple Book this morning (for the thousandth time), I got stuck on question #7 in chapter 1: “How did Adam and Eve react after their eyes were opened and he realized they were naked?”

The answer to that question is found in Genesis 3:7-10,15.

1. They covered up, or “made coverings for themselves” (vs 7)

2. “They hid from the Lord God” (vs 8)

3. They were afraid of God (vs 10)

Fallen human nature is the same yesterday, today and forever. Thousands of years later our first reaction to sin, guilt and shame is still to cover up and hide. Hiding from an all-knowing invisible God is not the smartest move ever.

While Adam and Eve were hiding, God was seeking. He walked the garden calling them by name and giving them an opportunity to come clean about their sin. Rather than confessing and repenting, they passed the blame, and rationalized.

The good news is that while man continues to sin, run, and hide – God continues to pursue, because while it is human nature to cover up and hide, it is God’s nature to seek and save.

That’s the gospel in Genesis.

Steve Murrell is the president of the Every Nation Churches and Ministries and the founder of Victory Philippines.

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