Posted by: everynation | December 6, 2011


By Paolo Punzalan

There are moments when God tests us with the very provision He’s given.

Take Abraham for example in Genesis 22.  God told Abraham to take his son, his only son, to Mt. Moriah and sacrifice him up there.

Tests are necessary.  We don’t like it.  Some actually hate it.  But we need it.  It shows what’s really inside.

You want doctors to be tested and to take their board exams.  You want cars to be tested for safety.  You want computers to be tested so that they work well.

Tests are there to bring to the surface what’s really inside.  For a medical student, the test shows what’s inside their brain.

Tests are not punishments but preparations.

They prepare us for future promotion. Grade 2 students take their final exams to get promoted to Grade 3.

For many of us, God tests to bring promotion – because He DOES have something HUGE in store for the future.

God tested Abraham with the very provision given.  The very thing that was promised was now the very thing being taken away. It didn’t make sense.  However, at the end, it all did.

When God tests us with the very provision He has given, He wants to see if…

We’re so focused on the provision that we miss the Provider.
Or we seek His hand rather than His face.
Or we pursue the blessing rather than the Blesser.

Tests bring up what’s really in there.

After everything, God’s verdict is “NOW I KNOW…  that you fear God…”


When God looks inside our hearts, what will He find out?

Paolo Punzalan is the executive pastor of Victory Fort. He is married to Jennifer and fathers four children, namely Nathan, Janina, Ryan, and Joaquin.

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  1. Good stuff!

  2. I was just thinking about this subject last Saturday and was actually sharing it to one of our volunteer workers. This message is a “home-run.”

  3. Some test was given randomly that’s why we always ask, God why me…

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