Posted by: everynation | November 29, 2011

The Unknown Poet

Do you take notes when you hear a sermon preached?

Last Sunday I preached three services at Every Nation Church in Singapore. My text was John 19:28-30. “The Unknown Poet” was in the first service.

You might enjoy reading his notes from my sermon. His notes were better than mine. Here they are.

The sermon was delivered by Steve Murrell
A three word summary of the Bible he did tell
Only fourteen minutes would he need
From John 19 : 28-30 he did read

All humanity deals with guilt and shame, Steve did say
Everyone deals with these in their own distinct way
Westerners tend to focus on guilt, Easterners on shame
But this is now intertwined due to the globalisation game

We should ask how Jesus dealt with these on the cross
Focus on His purpose, else His pain was a complete loss
The three words are “it is finished”, from Jesus’ last breath
They immediately preceded his humiliating earthly death

Start with “it”, this is word number one
This is expiation, our atonement is done
For Jesus willingly sacrificed himself for our sin
Over death and the enemy, God did therefore win

Moving on to “is”, our second key word
It is definitive, what is done by our Lord
In other words, this is our present reality
Not something that we may or may not see

“Finished” is word number three we heard today
For only Jesus can really have the last say
We are now forgiven, our guilt is gone
So we should not fall for the enemy’s con

These three words are but one in the original Greek
“Tetelestai” means “it is finished”, a word unique
It was often used to say that a bill was completely paid
So of sin’s price we should no longer be afraid

The cross is about Jesus and what He did
Nothing we do can help our sin be rid
With His blood, His work he did sign
Thanks to Him, our future is divine

Steve Murrell quoted “The Unknown Poet” from this post.

Steve Murrell is the president of the Every Nation Churches and Ministries and the founder of Victory Philippines.

Read the original post here.


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