Posted by: everynation | October 8, 2011

Leadership is: Perspective

by Clayton Bell

When you’re a young leader (or just a bad older leader) you see your department/ministry/responsibility and not much else. Whatever you do is more important than what everyone else is doing. Budgets, people, scheduling…all of it should focus on what you’re focusing on.

A good leader, a growing leader, will learn to have a big picture perspective on how what they’re doing fits in with everyone else. Perhaps another department needs to be focused on for the overall health of the organization/church for a period of time.

Maybe you need to sacrifice in your budget for their health.
Maybe you need to spend time understanding how what they do impacts you.
Maybe you need to spend time asking how what you do impact them.
Maybe you need to ask how you can serve them, not how they can sacrifice for you.

Don’t forget, Jesus rebuked the “leaders” of his day because they knew all the rules and regulations but NO IDEA how to use that knowledge to understand what was taking place around them. Learn from their mistake. Get perspective.

Clayton Bell is the lead pastor of Trinity New Life Church located in Trinity, Florida. He is married to Kelly and they have one daughter named Caroline.

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