Posted by: everynation | May 6, 2011

Celebrities, Criticism & Christians

By Ross Middleton

There is such a double standard when it comes to the way we as mere mortals, talk about celebrities. Its almost like we throw all the standards in the way we treat people that are in the Bible, right out the window. If we are watching sports on TV, cries of, “You suck! How did you miss that you idiot?!” frequently come out of our mouths, myself included.

Now isn’t it funny that just because we don’t know these people personally, we somehow feel we have the right to not treat them with dignity or how I would think Jesus would want us to treat them.

I feel like I started to get convicted a few years ago about this and have really tried over the years to do a better job of controlling my tongue when in situations where I would want to criticize someone I don’t know. Not perfect, but working towards it.

I would admonish you to think twice the next time you want to yell at someone through the TV, or talk about some celebrity in the tabloids. Do you really think you would ever be able to minister to them with that type of attitude in your heart? We need to pray for these people, so that if one day we come across them, our hearts will be full of affection and we will not be hypocrites in the way we talk to them.

I believe God will open doors for us to minister to people in those walks of life, if our hearts are broken for them. They are just people and they have problems just like you and I. They have the same longings in their heart that every other person has. The only difference is that millions of people get to watch their stories play out and only a few hundred will probably see ours. In other words, they probably have more or at least different types of pressure on them than you and I.

Love always wins.


Ross Middleton is the lead pastor of the upcoming church plant in Miami, Florida, South Coast Church. 

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