Posted by: everynation | April 1, 2011

If “Church” is online. . .

By Clayton Bell

How do you do communion?

How do you do baptism?

How do you do evangelism?

If you see someone won to God, do you tell them to come to your house and sit with you, or do you have them sit at their own house and watch?

How do you make disciples?

How do you execute church discipline?

I’m not against streaming service online for those unable to make it, or creating an experience online which allows people to check out your church before they come, or if you’re in a remote part of the world with no English-speaking church…

But when we say that “church” is totally online (not just services but being the church), how do we accomplish these, which in my opinion (and others smarter than me) are defining qualities of a church body?

I know we’re just beginning to explore what it means to do “church” online, so I’m honestly asking if there are answers, or if these issues are being considered by those attending and creating the experiences.


Clayton Bell is husband to Kelly, father to Caroline, and lead pastor Trinity New Life Church, located in Trinity, Florida. I love Jesus, my family, and my church.


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