Posted by: everynation | March 28, 2011

Keep Pushing Forward

by Adam Mabry

“Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” – Gal. 6:9

Many of us are halfway there. Halfway through the semester, in the doldrums with our jobs, at the same ol’ grind with our families, and in this moment, it becomes very easy to get, well, weary.

But I want you to know that God is with you, church!  He is with you, and fruitfulness and victory is around the corner, if we do not give up.  It’s tiring to show up every Sunday, waiting for breakthrough.  It’s hard to work the job or the studies, trying to live and share the power of Christ without seeing that guy come to the Lord that you’ve been praying for.


Don’t grow weary.

Keep pushing forward.

One thing is for sure, we cannot stay in the middle.  Time will move us forward, but only we can decide if we’ll push ahead, or be swept away by the passing of the days.

Let’s push ahead, church.  Keep pushing forward.  There are greater days of fruitfulness for you and for our growing church than we can possibly imagine.  Imagine if we could be the type of people who are constantly encouraging one another onward, deeper and deeper still into God and all He has for us in Christ. Let’s get after it.

Keep pushing forward!


Adam serves as the Lead Pastor of Every Nation Aletheia Church. He is married to the love of his life, Hope, and were blessed with three children. He has helped plant two churches in Edinburgh, Scotland and has since transitioned back to the United States to help plant the very first Every Nation church in Boston, Massachusetts. Aletheia church opened its doors in 2009 and the Mabrys are honored and excited about this new task.


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