Posted by: everynation | March 18, 2011

How to Get More Patience When You’re Out of It

by Lynette Lewis

Patience. . .so many things in life require it, but at times it feels like it’s running out, not a drop left and still no breakthrough.

What’s a person to do when, like that last little bit of toothpaste, you’ve pushed, squeezed, twisted, and forced every last ounce of patience, yet still need more?

Patience is a virtue, but unlike the latest gadget I find on the internet, patience is much more elusive and often hard to come by.

One simple strategy does seem to help however. . .having a clear, definitive picture of exactly what it is I’m waiting for — the PRIZE.

When I take my eyes off the angst of the wait and set them on the prize, I get a forward-looking, future-hoping, fulfillment-planning view on what is yet to come.  At times this exercise feels a bit fake or unrealistic, when contrary facts seem to be screaming all around.  Still, deciding to trust, believe, and watch for the things I desire, fixing them clearly in my mind, does deposit patience, much like a marathon pushes a training routine forward.

Patience in many respects, is the art of hoping.  And hope is a choice, not a feeling.  I choose to be a woman of hope because it’s better than being a hopeless woman full of despair.  Fortunately, I don’t have to be patient for everything all at once.  While waiting for one thing I can achieve another:

  • Waiting for a promotion I pursued outside-of-work volunteering where I was promoted quickly
  • Waiting to get a raise I learned the art of feeling rich on a dime, an art I’ve never lost
  • Waiting for a husband I traveled the world, pursued my career, discovered surprise gifts I didn’t know I’d love
  • Waiting for children I mentored others, and the skills of motherhood grew in my own life

In short, I may be stopped at a red light but I can put on lipstick.

Knowing I need patience, I agree to let it work into my being as I hold to the prize yet to come.  I will wait.  I will not compromise.  I cannot control timing but I can position myself to be ready, poised, and positioned to receive in God’s perfect time.

“Toned and buff” by patience, a lovely aspiration indeed.


  1. This was awesome, so productive advice. Keep your eyes on the price and think about how nice it will be when it arrives to avoid anxiousness during the journey. I tried it today and it seems to be working. I feel more peace about it and hope instead of stress and despair:)

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