Posted by: everynation | November 25, 2010

Following Jesus in a World of Plastic Promises

by Dave Harder

I enjoyed and was challenged by Mark Sayers‘ book Trouble With Paris.

Admit it, we’ve been ripped off by our culture and its version of reality that leaves us lonely, bored, and trapped. But what’s the alternative? In The Trouble With Paris, Mark Sayers shows us how the lifestyles of most young adults (19-35) actually work against a life of meaning and happiness to sabotage their faith. Sayers shows how a fresh understanding of God’s intention for our world is the true path to happiness, fulfillment, and meaning.
Today we’re submersed in the media driven and publicity shaped hollow promises of hyperreality, which are driving us to embrace the unreal and consequently an impoverished spirituality. Reading this powerful book will help us get back to the real and lead us to a rediscovery of our spiritual bearings for the present and the future. But the truth remains that reality is far from hyper reality.
Life just isn’t neatly wrapped up like it is at the end of a show or movie. Conflict often lingers way after the credits roll and injustice, war, poverty, and death still exist whether we deny it or not. Awkward silence still pervades, forcing us to face the emptiness and loneliness we sense in our hearts. 

God’s reality, however, is better. He has given us glimpses of heaven on this side of earth: genuine friendships, marriage, laughter, the beauty in nature and much more. We must then place meaning under His reality. So to do that we need to have a biblical view of God’s reality and how we fit into His story.
We have a great opportunity as the “church” to address this hyper reality… ya it will not be easy, but a must as we move forward seeing lives, neighbourhoods, and cities transformed.

Dave Harder is the lead pastor of The Journey in Ottawa, Canada. Follow his blog at:

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