Posted by: everynation | November 23, 2010

God is Not Impressed with Our Excuses for Not Following His Call

by Steve Murrell

When I was young my parents would tell me that if i did not make good grades I would end up working as a ditchdigger. Maybe your parents told you that you would end up in “kangkong ngan” – same thing, just the Filipino version of ditchdigging. Ancient Egyptian parents, in the day of Moses, would tell their kids that if they did not make good grades they would end up being a shepherd.

Herding sheep was as low as it went for an Egyptian. Genesis 34:34 tells us that “all shepherds are detestable to the Egyptians.”

Ex3 finds Moses, who grew up in the palace, herding sheep. He’s hit rock bottom. Not only is he herding sheep, he is doing it for his father-in-law. Know anyone who just loves working for his father-in-law in the lowest job ever? Moses was not exactly riding high. Not exactly the picture of success. And there is no indication that he is seeking God. He’s just wandering around the desert herding stinky sheep.

But in that moment, God calls his name, TWICE.

God was not bothered that Moses was at the bottom. In fact God seems to enjoy calling people from the bottom to the top. He loves taking natural things and doing supernatural through them, taking ordinary and doing the extraordinary…

God took a common bush and used it for his voice.
God took the dirt the sheep walked on and called it holy ground.
God took a shepherd stick and used it to perform miracles.
God took a orphan who was a murderer and made him a deliverer.

God’s calling transforms…
ordinary to extraordinary (bush)
natural to supernatural (stick)
dirty to holy (ground)
runner to leader (Moses)

If God does that with a bush, a stick, dirt and Moses – what can he do in, for and through you?


Steve Murrell is a missionary, pastor, and the author of “The Reluctant Leader“.

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