Posted by: everynation | July 1, 2010


by Simon Bardone

The biggest lesson I ever learned from Satan… JOIN A GANG. Jesus explains in Luke 11:26 how if a demon is overpowered and cast out, it will leave but only to later return with seven other demons even more powerful then itself. There’s a lot to be learned from that bit of info, but one lesson in particular is this: MANY ARE STRONGER THAN ONE.

“…and with him went men of valour whose hearts God had touched.” – 1 Samuel 10:26

As you fight the fight of faith, who do you have around you who’ve got your back? Man or woman of God, you need a spiritual posse, a band of brothers, men of valour to surround you and to fight with you as you continue to press on.

Simon Bardone, a missionary in London, is the lead pastor for Every Nation’s 6PM service in Hammersmith – which is aimed at under-24s. He is married to Shirley and is the author of Simonslife Online.


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