Posted by: everynation | June 25, 2010

Uncommon Destiny

by Simon Bardone

‘I have no common bread on hand, but there is holy bread – if the young men have kept themselves from women.’ And David answered the priest, ‘Truly women have been kept from us as always when I go on an expedition. The vessels of the young men are holy even then it is an ordinary journey. How much more today will their vessels be holy?’ – 1 Samuel 21:4-5

The Lord has extraordinary sustenance (i.e. no common bread) for the man who’s on an extraordinary expedition. David understood the necessity of holiness in relation to the mission. He insisted on sexual purity even on merely “ordinary journeys.”

The holy bread offered to David was in fact synonymous with the very presence of God. David so understood his God’s extreme holy nature, that he always made sure to keep himself and his men sexually pure, so as to not attempt the journey without God’s presence.

Do you realise how great is the journey that YOU’RE  on?! You, disciple of Jesus, your’s is an uncommon destiny. You must not attempt this journey without the extraordinary provision of God’s presence!

Simon Bardone, a missionary in London, is the lead pastor for Every Nation’s 6PM service in Hammersmith – which is aimed at under-24s. He is married to Shirley and is the author of Simonslife Online.



  1. Great post, Simon!
    Paul calls the believers “Saints”, which has a similiar root in Greek to “holy”. We are holy, separated to God for His pupose, which is why we need holy bread, even when on an “ordinary journey”.

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