Posted by: everynation | March 12, 2010


by Timothy Loh

Mat 14:14  And Jesus went out and saw a great crowd, and He was moved with compassion toward them. And He healed their sick.

There is one word that has been lingering in my spirit as we enter the March / April season – “Compassion” – which means the capacity to be moved and to feel for others, and to be compelled to act on it.

Jesus’ ministry has always been marked with His divine compassion for people. Most of His miracles – the feeding of the 5000, the reaching out to the multitude with kindness, the healing of the sick, etc. – occurred simply because Jesus was first moved with compassion.

On the contrary, compassion is not easily found in our world today. We tend to read more stories on the increase of violence and selfish acts, cruelty, abuse or exploitation, than of people who step out to show the love of God!

To bring this to a more personal level, the million dollar question would be – “Have we ourselves lost our compassion as well?” How many times has compassion taken a back seat to fear, unwillingness and procrastination?

Would you allow God to deepen our compassion during this season?

Personally, my premise for compassion is really simple. There is something about compassion that ushers in a new miracle. If we only learn to be compassionate like Jesus, we will see more of the sick healed, the lost saved and the hurt restored!

Miracles await for those who are willing to take that a compassionate step forward! Compassion is such a Godly thing, so don’t loose it!

Timothy Loh is the senior pastor of Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship, Kuala Lumpur and is the author of  Pastor Timothy’s Thoughts.


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