Posted by: everynation | February 22, 2010

Church is… Real

by Adam Mabry

Church is full of nice people.

Nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes, though, our nice, clean exterior can keep others from feeling as though church is at all real. In fact, to the outsider, it can seem fake, plastic, and unauthentic.

However, Jesus was never interested in creating fake people. He skewered his critics for their religious performance detached from a changed heart. He said things like “take your cross and follow me”, “come to me when you’re hurting”, and “I want to lay down my life for you.” That doesn’t sound too fakey fake to me.

Aletheia means “truth.” Part of being true is being real. Jesus said “I am truth.” Jesus was real. If we’re his people, then we should be too.

Adam Mabry is a missionary  and is leading our Every Nation church plant in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts,  the Aletheia Church Boston.


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