Posted by: everynation | February 12, 2010

What is Church?

by Adam Mabry

“We’re going to be a (fill in the blank) church!”

If you talk to many church planters, you hear that all the time.  Usually they are filling in that blank with some reaction to a poor ministry experience they’ve had, words that describe some other church they love, or words that illustrate their own preferences and biases.

Just so you, I don’t want to plant a (fill in the blank) church.  I think the word “church” has enough meaning all on its own from Scripture, and I’d just like to plant one of those.  You know, a church.

So, for the next few entries we’re going to trying get a handle on a few of the aspects that make up a church.

Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. (Ephesians 5:23)

First off, the Church is Jesus’.  It belongs to him. It doesn’t belong to a denomination, to a pastor, to a board of elders, to the people, or to anyone else. He is the head of his body, and the church is that body. This has a lot of implications, but here are just a few…

* Jesus is in Charge – Because he is the head of the body, he calls the shots.  We follow what he says.  When was the last time your head obeyed your spleen or your index finger?
* Jesus is Savior – Jesus physical body rose from death as a down payment for our resurrection, and as a picture of what would happen to his church, his spiritual body, that they too would rise from death.  He lives, therefore his body will too.
* The body is interconnected – Your body isn’t a pile of parts.  If it were you’d be dead… and messy.  So, as a church we are to realize and live out our interconnected roles and relationships under the headship of Christ.

It’s my dream for Aletheia to be a church, a real church; a local expression of the global, eternal body of Christ.

Adam Mabry is a missionary  and is leading our Every Nation church plant in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts,  the Aletheia Church Boston.


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