Posted by: everynation | January 28, 2010

International Registration for EN2010 Opens on Feb 1, 20:10

On February 01 –  at 20:10 or 8:10PM in Manila  — the online registration for EN2010 will open for all international delegates and to know what time that is in your city/nation, please check out the list below:

2:10 AM in USA (Honolulu, Hawaii)

4:10 AM in USA (San Francisco, CA), Canada (Vancouver)

6:10 AM in USA (Nashville, TN), USA (Dallas, TX), Costa Rica (San Jose)

7:10 AM in Peru (Lima), USA (New York, NY), USA (Jacksonville, FL), Canada (Toronto)

7:40 AM in Venezuela (Maracaibo)

12:10 PM in UK (London), Ireland (Dublin)

1:10 PM in Germany (Berlin), Austria (Vienna), Sweden (Stockholm), Poland (Krakow), Nigeria (Lagos)

2:10 PM in South Africa (Cape Town), Zimbabwe (Harare), Latvia (Riga),
Turkey (Istanbul)

3:10 PM in Qatar (Doha)

4:10 PM in UAE (Dubai)

5.40 PM in India (Mumbai)

6:10 PM in Bangladesh (Dhaka)

7:10 PM in Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)

8:10 PM in Australia (Perth), Singapore (Singapore), China (Hong Kong,
Shanghai, Beijing), Taiwan (Taipei), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Mongolia

9:10 PM in South Korea (Seoul), Japan (Tokyo)

10:10 PM in Guam (Hagatna), Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan)

11:10 PM in Australia (Sydney/Melbourne)

1:10 AM in New Zealand (Christchurch) (Feb 2)

For more information, please email us at


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