Posted by: everynation | January 22, 2010


by Steve Murrell

Preaching tomorrow at Bethel-Franklin.

Random notes for tomorrow:
-Devotion is not about getting God to like us more.
-Devotion is not about punching our religious time-clock.
-Devotion is not about winning God’s favor.
-Devotion is not about impressing our friends and family with our spirituality.
-Devotion is a heart RESPONSE to who God is and to what He has done for us.
-The more we see, hear and understand God, the more devoted our hearts will be.

TOPIC: Devotion
TEXT: Isaiah 6

-Isaiah saw God, who is holy to the third degree (holy, holy, holy) and he realized he was a mess to the third degree. He repented.

-God cleansed him. With a burning coal. On his lips. Ouch. Repentance is often painful.

-God called him. Interesting that Isaiah understood and responded to God’s call when his “self-esteem” was at its all-time lowest point. The lower we go, in our own eyes as compared to God’s greatness, this greater our understanding our our calling. As long as we think we are pretty good people, God will not call or use us for his purpose. Humility is the starting point…

Steve Murrell is a missionary, pastor, and the author of “The Reluctant Leader” and “The Accidental Missionary.”

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