Posted by: everynation | January 12, 2010

God’s Art

by Ross Middleton

I’m a firm believer in using the creative arts to communicate the gospel to people. I also believe God is the most creative being ever. The creator created creativity after all. I also believe that sometimes God does things just for his own enjoyment and sometimes we as humans just happen to stumble across them.

Here are two examples of moments when I think God peels back his creative curtain and allows us to see the incredible creativity that is within him.

These are two simple things, one website is just pictures of snowflakes, magnified. It is mezmorizing. Thanks to Sam Febres for pointing both of these out.

The second is a video of birds that were sitting on some power lines that a guy saw out his window and decided to put to music based on where they were sitting on the power lines. Sounds weird. It was amazing.

I wonder how many times we walk by art that God has created right under our noses that we just do not have the eyes to see, yet he is sitting on His throne, finding pleasure in little masterpieces that are all over creation.

Ross Middleton is an Every Nation campus director in Florida State University, Tallahassee and is the author of  Collide Leadership.


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