Posted by: everynation | December 21, 2009

A Baby Changes Everything

by Brett Fuller

Faith Hill’s new Christmas single, “A Baby Changes Everything”, brought hope to my soul this Christmas season. Inspiration welled-up not for want of Christmas cheer, but because it is the latest is a short string of mainstream Christmas songs filled with incarnational insight. Another song, “Mary Did You Know” (Lyrics written by Mark Lowry music by Buddy Greene), has proven to be the revelatory predecessor to miss Hill’s melody. Both songs are a lyrical peep hole into Christ’s Godness, revealing the Fathers’s desire to tell the world His story.

Not since the great hymns, “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” and ‘What Child Is This”, has everyday man been exposed to such wonderful mystery in song. I am grateful to God for the sensitive lyricist who are finding creative ways to love our world with truth. Folks sure aren’t beating down the doors of the church to listen to great sermons or fabulous music. Yet, they do fill their iPods and MP3 players with thousand of songs. Thus, I salute those who have honed their craft into a key which opens the doors regularly locked to the unskilled. I am also confident that the excellence of presentation combined with the depth of thought will allow the aforementioned songs, and others like them, to be sung by all people for generations.

Faith Hill, Mark Lowry and Buddy Green- please continue to write right, and write well.


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