Posted by: everynation | December 2, 2009

A Simple Job Description for All Christians

by Steve Murrell


The Christian life is not as complicated as most preachers make is sound. It’s actually quite simple.

What’s a Christian supposed to do?

Honor God. Make disciples.

Let me explain.

Honor God means that we live to please Him. Not ourselves. Not our parents. Not our peers. Please Him and Him alone. Living to please Him is not just a Sunday thing. It’s an all week thing. At home. At work. On campus. With our time. With our money. With our minds. With our bodies. In our relationships. All the time. Everywhere.

Make disciples means we follow Jesus & carry the cross, we help others follow Jesus & carry the cross, and we follow him in community with other cross-carrying followers.

There. I hope that helps simplify your life.


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