Posted by: everynation | October 7, 2009


ross-middletonby Ross Middleton

I am going to be doing a series on lessons I’ve learned during transition in your life, being that I am going through a major one personally.

First, I want to talk about emotions. The emotional toll can be high especially when you are moving away from your best friends and a church family that you love. I’ve been on the side where people are leaving you and now I’ve been in the place where you are the one leaving for the second time in my life. I have to say being the one leaving is a lot harder than being the one left behind. For the majority of all of my friends back in Tallahassee, 99% of their life will stay the same, one little cog, my family, will be leaving. There may be momentary sadness but they will get back to their regular life and it will continue to move forward.

When you are the one leaving, everything changes, all of my cogs are changing, so it creates massive life change. It can be very emotional. I’ll be very transparent, Amy and I have dreaded this decision. We’ve definitely had our moments public and private where we poured out our hearts before God and cried over all the people we are leaving behind. There is definitely an emotional tearing that occurs.

So when you may experience transition in your life, prepare yourself for a tearing in your soul and a mourning time that we will not be able to hang out with our life long friends that we have built over time. But at the same time, a new season is exciting and necessary for your personal growth. In some cases, relationships will actually grow and get more intimate when you leave. All in all, it hurts but its necessary.

Ross Middleton is an Every Nation campus director in Florida State University, Tallahassee and is the author of  Collide Leadership.


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