Posted by: everynation | September 25, 2009

Top 10 List -Poorest Nations

steve murrell

by Steve Murrell

Poorest 10 nations in the world, with GDP per capita in US$:

10. Central African Republic – $700
9. Ethiopia – $700
8. Niger – $700
7. Solomon Islands – $600
6. Comoros – $600
5. Somalia – $600
4. Guinea-Bissau – $600
3. Liberia – $500
2. Zimbabwe – $500
1. Democratic Republic of Congo – $300

Religious people seem to be obsessed with “getting the anointing” or at least getting around people they perceive to be anointed. They flock to crusades and send money to TV preachers to get that elusive mystical modern version of the anointing. In reality it’s not that complicated, elusive or expensive. Here’s Jesus explaining how He got the anointing:

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, Because he anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor (Luke 4:18)

If you want the anointing – the one Jesus had – try ministering to the poor. (But if you are content with the modern version of the anointing, just place your hand on the screen, repeat after me or send in your best love offering.)

– Observation: 9 of the 10 poorest nations in the world are in Africa

– Note: we currently have Every Nation missionaries, church planters or established churches in 3 of the poorest – Zimbabwe & DRC, plus we start in Liberia next month.

– Question: Who will go to the other poor nations of the world?

– Answer: Here i am Lord, send someone else, or send me?

Steve Murrell is a missionary, pastor, and the author of “The Reluctant Leader” and “The Accidental Missionary.”


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