Posted by: everynation | September 23, 2009

Being outstandingly excellent

andy hunter familyby Andrew Hunter

Great is our God, He is to be greatly praised. Our God is magnificent is every single way. He is excellent in all that He does. I have been deeply moved recently to ensure that everything I do is done with excellence reflecting Him is every way. Everything He created is simply marvellous. Look at the sunset tonight you cannot but help go WOW, look at the mountains surrounding us (if you’re in Cape Town) they are simply magnificent to look at. I went for ride up the mountain before work this morning and got to the summit as the sun came blazing over the Noord-Hoek valley, my goodness it was splendid. You cannot help but grow close to Him when surrounded by such beauty and excellence.

We as Christians should endeavour to display this excellence in all that we put our hands to do. We too often expect this level of excellence from people in the world and not from ourselves. We should be the ones who make the world go WOW when we present ourselves. My commitment is that whenever I speak with somebody, in the way I dress, in the way I preach, when I do presentations, when I make submissions, in my work, in my family, in my health, in my attitude, in my faith, in my diligence, in my parenting I want to see the excellence of Him displayed. I want to put Him on show so that world can see how great He is.

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