Posted by: everynation | August 14, 2009

BEAUTIFUL SOMEDAYS : A One Life to Live Blog

marie bonifacio profileby Marie Bonifacio

“When I grow up, I want to be  …  Alive & Healthy.”

As children and grownups, we all have our dreams of who we’ll be SOMEDAY.
But for these  young people I’ve met, just staying alive is a goal in itself.

For several Sundays, I was  EXTREMELY FORTUNATE to assist this intrepid young bunch.
All are battling with cancer from a young age. They look just like you and me, perhaps a little thinner…or balder.

During these Art sesssions, they enjoy a riot of bright colors
as they happily and busily paint away.

I’m so honored  Art Teacher Nick Calma asked me to  be his helper.
Free of charge, Teacher Nick  regularly meets with a group of children who have been diagnosed with some form of cancer.  Some are in remission.  Some are undergoing chemotherapy. Most if not all are financially strapped.  Once a week, he would provide them Free art lessons, complete with Free paints, brushes and materials.  Also Free merienda whenever possible.

Teacher Nick is no millionaire.  He still has his own family to look after.
His dream was to finish Fine Arts but didn’t have the funds to finish College.
Instead of wallowing in self-pity,  Nick spent his young years apprenticing with the late great painter Ibarra de La Rosa, being his “utusan” cleaning his paints, etc.  Little by little, he learned from the master and his own painting skills were honed.

Teacher Nick has his SOMEDAY Dreams for himself and his family.
But I am INSPIRED how he uses his TODAY for children who may have limited SOMEDAYS.
He is a Christian and shares the word of God as he teaches them painting.
Occasionally he mixes his healthy, paying young students with this special group so they all get a perspective of real life.

As an artist volunteer, I have met Justine, 10, who ‘s accompanied by his lola.
Kim who’s 17. And Michelle and Kristel, 2 pretty sisters.
What is so exciting and encouraging is that they are hearing the word of God and seeing it in action in their Teacher Nick.  Some have been in remission for more than a year.

Teacher Nick has taught me to make TODAY count ,not just to build a SOMEDAY for myself.

But to sacrifice a little of my TODAY to make someone’s SOMEDAY special as well.

Marie Bonifacio is the wife of the Wizard of Blog, and the mother of Joseph, David and Joshua. She is also an accomplished artist and blogovelist.

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