Posted by: everynation | June 19, 2009

Vision vs. Revelation

sterling brownby Sterling Brown

As a leader, I have struggled with this idea: how do I effectively harness and communicate vision in a compelling way? I’ve wrestled to nail it down. Struggled to articulate it. Been discouraged when I don’t think I’ve communicated it well.

Without doubt, vision is important. Every leader worth their salt has had this ability. Bill Gates had a vision to put a computer in every home. Henry Ford had a vision of a car for every family. Michael Jordan had a vision to be the greatest basketball player ever.

All of these are great things. But check out Henry Blackaby’s thoughts on this:

“Proverbs 29:18, although widely used, is also widely misapplied. The popular translation is, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (KJV). A more accurate translation of the Hebrew is: “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint” (NIV). There is a significant difference between revelation and vision. Vision is something people produce; revelation is something people receive. Leaders can dream up a vision, but they cannot discover God’s will. God must reveal it.”

John the Baptist had revelation. It kept him eating bugs and wearing funny clothes just to proclaim to all who would listen that the Savior of the world was coming. The Apostle Paul had a revelation. It kept him up at night. Kept him pushing ahead. Amidst unbelievable difficulties and impossible odds. It drove him to say “Since, then, we know what it is to fear the Lord, we try to persuade men.” 2 Cor. 5:11

We are starting this church, not because of my great vision and ability to communicate. But because of the revelation of Jesus. He is God’s son who came to Earth to give his life as a ransom for sinners. For me. For you. For your friends.

What about you? Are you wandering aimlessly letting life ‘happen’ upon you everyday? Are you driving toward your great vision of what your life can be? Or are you living by a revelation of God’s will for your life and how you can honor & please the one who created you and point others to that Life?

I want to live by the latter. What do you think?

Sterling Brown is the lead pastor of Resolution Church and the author of Sterling Brown Walking in the Light.



  1. Herein, is my conerns on vision and revelation. Yet I have no such ontological disposition on these to matters. Also, it is even more to the point that I have no such meta-physical postion as I state my concern. I am speeaking from the objective perference of the reasoning of my mind. These reasoning are depended upon images and thought that I believe that comes into my mind.

    First allow me to define Vision according my proposition. Vision is a verb, and it is a verb because it is acted upon the reciever from the Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind. The Divine Interjection is not based on human sight of The Vision, the projection of the images is never to be defined nor proven or defended because it is the active cause of The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind upon the physical plane of this reality. The appearing of The Vision appears in the present for the future for the cause of life for advocation of the life of humanity and not soley for the visionary.

    Vision is a noun, and it is a noun when it spoken as a special event as The Divine happening on behalf of the life of humanity wihtin the reality of humanity.

    Vision is a part of existence from The Will of The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind for the advanement of humanity no matter the impact that pevails in and for the lives of the condition of life totality.

    Revelation defined likewise in the above introductry of The Vision manner is both a verb and a noun. Revelation too comes from The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind The Revelation is an act whereby the revievers of The Revelation have been in the present of The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind.

    Moreover, is the difference of the two, The Vision is The Divine Projection of The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind. The Images appearing upon the reality of the present earth plane is as real as the preception concieved by the senses of the reciever at that occurence.

    Furthermore, The Revelation is more intimate and personal because the images from The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind allows the reciever to be in the presence of The Divine.

    The impact of one recievings The Revelation is far-more greater than The Vision for the person have been in the direct presence of The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind.

    The Vision and The Revelartion is far more greater than the aspiration of set goals of personal achievements. There is far far greater difference in the vision of people from a personal accomplishment even though many others may benefit and whereby the vision maybe the will of The Divine. Many people may act upon false vision and false revelation that are not of The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind.

    The Vision and The Revelation are true because they are the total benefit of humanity for THe Highest Most Common Good for humanity in whatever time and condition as well as place for life without any personal gain by whoever maybe the reciever. The revievers of the Vision or revelation have no choice of when and where they are interjected in the life of humanity.

    The Vision and The Revelation is effected in the life of humanity because certain of humanity have recanted on their true cause of their assignments of life. Humanity have render unto their misgivings and misdoings agaiasnt the wellbeing and welfare as people of one boby of many difference that is the unity of one body worldwide over the globe on planet earth. When humanity have refuse to abide in the Image of The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind. Hence, the Image of The Pure Spirit Of The Light Of Mind is Love, Truth, Peace, Will, Right, Good, Just, Grace, and Faith.

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