Posted by: everynation | May 15, 2009


ohara-familyby Mike Ohara

Just a quick thought on church planting.  It takes a certain amount of entrepreneurial characteristics to start a church:

* Self-starter:  Nobody’s going to do it for you.  It takes initiative and self-management.  There’s a certain appeal to being your own boss, but it can be a person’s downfall if they don’t know how to work without supervision.
* Risk-taker:  You have to be o.k. with failure.  If not, you’ll never try things, you’ll never risk it.  One of my favorite quotes is, “playing it safe is risky.”  Failure is a necessary component to success.
* Vision implementer:  Everyone can dream.  Dreams are good.  But can you implement the dream and vision God’s given you?  Can you rally people around the vision?  Can you put a plan and a strategy together?  Can you recruit others?  Talking the vision builds excitement, doing the vision builds credibility.  Credibility sustains the vision when the excitement fades.
* Starter-manager:  Most church planters like the start; it’s exciting, new, fresh, fun…like a honeymoon.  But all honeymoons end.  For a church planter the honeymoon ends when he/she realizes there’s an organization to manage.  You gotta do both, especially in the early years.  As the church grows, a lot of the management stuff can be delegated to staff, but in the beginning, it’s just you.  However, management is part of life and there’s no way to fully delegate it.
* Self-feeder:  It’s crucial you stay inspired, but no one will spoon-feed you inspiration.  You need to go out and feed yourself.  Conferences and books are important to inspiration.  Even further, read blogs and listen to podcasts.  Don’t have an ipod?  Go get one now…do it!  Network with other church planters.  Make friends with them and hear their stories.
* Not an exhaustive list, but just some things I’ve been thinking about.



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