Posted by: everynation | May 12, 2009

Life’s measure

ohara-familyby Mike Ohara

Every few months I measure the height of my three boys.  I do it the old school way.  No fancy tools or cartoon wall charts.  I make them stand ramrod straight against the door jamb of my office with a book on their heads and note their height with a pencil.  Then we stand back and ooooh and ahhhhh at how much they’ve grown.  They are growing fast.

Have you ever thought about how much we humans measure things?  We measure our health, finances, time, distance, each other, etc.  I once measured the distance from my house to the nearest Starbucks (.5 miles).  I think it’s natural to measure things.  Measuring helps us appraise our surroundings and gives us a sense of meaning and order.  Measuring marks progress and directs decisions and next-steps.

An old carpentry adage is, “measure twice, cut once.”  That is, make sure you measure correctly so you don’t waste time and materials.  Ever find yourself running late only to discover that your watch is 15 minutes slow?  Again, it’s important to measure correctly.

Jesus tells us to measure our lives correctly:  “Real life is not measured by how much we own.” (Lk. 12:15, NLT)  Measuring life by how much we own is taking wrong measuremets.  It doesn’t give us an accurate appraisal of how we’re living.  Instead, Jesus says life is measured by how rich our relationship with God is and not how rich our pocketbooks are.  Imagine how different our lives would look.  The grip of acquisition and accumulation would loosen and living for what matters and what’s eternal would grip us.  Let’s measure our lives correctly.

Michael Ohara is the pastor of Grace Bible Church Kapolei and the author of “Dei gratia, by the grace of God”.


  1. I enjoyed the article – precise and meaningful.

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