Posted by: everynation | April 18, 2009

accountability sometimes hurts, but always helps

j_staggersby Jason Staggers

If you’ve been keeping up with Season 5 of The Office, you know that Michael Scott has become very uncomfortable with the new Regional Vice President Charles Minor and the increased accountability his leadership brings into his life.  And rightfully so.  I would be angry too if I lost my party planning committee AND 15th anniversary party all in the same day.

Accountability sometimes hurts.

In addition to my pastoral ministry work, I have a part-time sales job which brings in some extra income and keeps me connected with people in my community.  One of my responsibilities is to keep track of exactly how many calls I make, how many new prospects I have met face to face, how many appointments I have made, how many presentations I made, and how many people bought.  Why?

Accountability always helps.

On Tuesday mornings, I have a conference call with the national sales manager and he asks me how many calls I made, how many new prospects I met, how many appointments I set up, how many presentations I made, and how many people bought from me.  Is he a micro-managing control freak?  No, he just wants to coach me and help me improve.  Neither of us know where I’m week and where I’m strong if we can’t see the numbers.

And the numbers never lie.

I’ve been thinking of some spiritual parallels.  I wonder if I would reach more people for Jesus if I kept track of similar numbers like these and challenged myself to improve.  What if I did the same for the practical things that lead to a stronger relationship with God, like my sleep schedule, what I’m reading, time I spend praying, etc.

I wonder if I would know God even more and be even more fruitful if I had a weekly appointment, after these ten years in ministry, with someone who asked me the hard questions and helped me to see where I’m weak and where I’m strong.

Some weeks that might be a little painful.  And that’s to be expected because accountability sometimes hurts, but always helps.

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