Posted by: everynation | April 7, 2009

Ordinary Radicals

scott-doumaby Scott Douma

I remember when Tomohito first came. He reminded me of a hamster. Shy, afraid of everything, and not able to look you in the eye when you talked to him. He received the Lord and has slowly changed. Over a year has passed. He has found the confidence of Christ. He has received courage and joy. He now does not appear to be just some scared geeky guy, but now has become “ordinary”. He is now teaching a new believer. He is now being responsible for someone else’s growth. In truth he has become “radical”. Not crazy. Not weird. Not eccentric, but radical.

Normal people doing radical things. This is the theme that our messages are focusing on. How did the early church, full of just ordinary people, change the whole world in a few short decades. Their ordinary was radical. (Acts 2:42) They took the “Apostles Doctrine” and just didn’t study them, they did them. Fellowship was not just “hanging out”. It was becoming the real body of Christ. Breaking of bread was more to them than going out for a meal, it was being companions with Christ and companion with one another (the original meaning for companion is from co-together and pan-bread). And, lest we forget, they prayed. This most powerful of all their arsenal, the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous one.

The key of course is consistency. My greatest challenge. Do the simple, little things every day and the result will be a changed world. Keep the main thing the main thing. Just do the right thing over and over again. When we do that even the ordinary ones of us can be radical.

Scott Douma has lived in Japan for more than 20 years, is the author of Blue Eyes in Japan and is the senior pastor of Yokohama Grace Bible Church in Japan.


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