Posted by: everynation | March 24, 2009

Antidotes to Fear and Uncertainty

myra-watkinsby Myra Watkins

Amidst the holiday sights and sounds in Kiev, Ukraine, there is celebration mixed with uncertainty. A beautiful blanket of snow covers the city.

On Christmas Day the snow fell all day, providing a postcard backdrop from which to celebrate. People are bundled, dressed in red, women wearing varieties of stylish boots and their plushest coats. Even a few dogs are clad for the holidays. I saw a white poodle dressed in a silver metallic raincoat walking with its owner. And while we enjoy celebrating with friends and anticipate the yearly performance of the Nutcracker ballet at the Opera House, the city is cloaked in fear and economic uncertainty.

Shops are advertising sales earlier than usual. A few weeks ago the currency reached 100 percent inflation with respect to the dollar. Americans shopped for the holidays, enjoying the extra spending power, while the mood among Ukrainians was glum. People are afraid of losing cars, homes, jobs. The uncertainty hits home everywhere. And often the ones who have the most to lose experience the greatest fear.

So I turn my thoughts to some simple, solid, time-tested antidotes to fear and uncertainty:

1. Thankfulness
What can you be thankful for? In every circumstance, we can be thankful if our focus reaches beyond the temporal.

2. Making memories
When I look back over the past year, the greatest memories surround investments made in relationships and time spent together.

3. Simple fun
What can you do at no or very little financial cost? We have had some creative holiday fun with our family.

4. Relying on that which is certain
God is certain, more certain than death and taxes. Pray for wisdom and help. God is time-tested as The One to turn to when faced with uncertainty and trials. Have you asked God for wisdom and help concerning the problems you face?

5. Avoiding empty optimism
When we face reality and consider the facts as they are, we are more likely to make changes in our lifestyles for the better. We can have faith while being realistic that some difficulties don’t disappear overnight.

Myra Watkins is a missionary, a fisher of men, and the author of the blog Encouraging Thoughts.


  1. Myra, you are both gifted and beautiful. Someone is a lucky husband. Oh yeah, thats me :)


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