Posted by: everynation | March 11, 2009

Perfect or Real

satomi-mercerby Satomi Mercer

Most restaurants I go to have plants, green plants.  I often check to see if those are real or not. How do I do it?  I look for blemishes.  If the plant doesn’t have any brown spot, any discolored part on leaves, then it is fake.

Some people look so perfect.  Some try to look perfect.  They, I guess, hide their shortcomings. But it is hard to get to know them.  They somehow are not so open, not so fun to be around with.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by real people.  No pretending. We get to laugh about mistakes we make.  It is easy to ask them to pray for things.

But I noticed that I get worried about things when I feel the pressure to pe perfect.  Most of those times, actually I am the one who is pressuring myself.

My prayer for myself today, is that God would help me to be real.  Fake “me” cannot do much for God, because there is no life in fakeness.

I determine today to be real enough to make some mistakes.  I want to be the plant that is planted by the water full of life and full of brown spots, rather than group of perfect green leaves hanging on a restaurant wall needing no water.

Satomi Mercer is the wife of  Ray Mercer and they lead the Yokosuka Grace Bible Church in Japan. She is the author of Blah Blah Blog.


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