Posted by: everynation | February 23, 2009

Happily Ignorant

greg-mitchellby Greg Mitchell

I was reminded the other day (by my wife J) that when I was a young pastor, a prophet came into town and told me that I had an “intellectual spirit.” Of course I was tremendously insulted because that is how an intellectual would respond to such an accusation. Over time, however, I began to see the symptoms: I thought my leaders were well meaning but didn’t “get it”, I was critical of those who had a “blind faith”, and my own faith had become complicated. The result was that I was critical, skeptical, confused… and discouraged.

We were talking about this because I had been noticing how the enemy is still using this same ploy today. In the name of being intellectually responsible, the enemy steals away our faith, trust, and joy; leaving us impotent, alienated, and disheartened.

I have been meditating on 1 and 2 Corinthians in this regard because Paul was dealing with a similar issue in Corinth. I love his response. Rather than matching wits, he simply boasted in his weakness. I am finding such freedom these days in being intellectually weak, for in that place I find that my faith is shifting onto Christ again, and my mental energy is directed toward believing His promises rather than trying to figure it all out. As a result, I have more peace and joy, and am free to enjoy those around me. I can officially say that I am happily ignorant.

I am earnestly praying that this spirit would be broken in our city because I see very sincere people beaten down by its agenda. Of course we are to be intellectually responsible, but when our intellect steals away faith and joy, we have crossed the line between humility and pride. Let us join together in resisting this subtle but sinister attack of the enemy.



  1. Hi Greg,

    Wow, your testimony spoke right into my heart. I think this is the exact same thing keeping me spiritually impotent. I’ll definitely be reading Corinthians on it, and I agree with you in the spirit that this issue of pride be overcome in all nations by the power of the Spirit, who leads us into true knowledge and understanding of God and His ways.

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