Posted by: everynation | January 23, 2009

Leaking Hearts

dave-harderby Dave Harder

I had a great time last night texting back and forth with Brant Reding, the pastor of U-church in Calgary.

It was encouraging to dream, build up, and validate one another, yes all while texting. After, I began to think about the need we all have for encouragement and I was reminded of seasons in my life where I would run around to all the great people in my life and seek out encouragement, for them to validate me.

The confusing part was when they would say great things, things I wanted to hear, yet I still felt the need for more, something was missing.

Steven Furtick said it so well “When we seek validation from others above the validation that comes from God alone, we cannot contain the encouragement, because our hearts are leaking. Only the Spirit and the Word can repair the plumbing from the inside out.

The affirmation of others can make a wonderful supplement to the affirmation of God. But it makes a terrible substitute.” It is impossible to retain encouragement from others if you first have not received encouragement or your identity from God!

As I enter day 3 of my prayer and fasting week I have been encouraged by God. He is the one who has defined me, loved me, given me freedom, extended mercy, and because of that, last nights texting session was so encouraging.

Let God be your encouragement today…

Dave Harder is the lead pastor of  The Journey, an Every Nation church plant in Ottawa, and  is the author of Living Missional.

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