Posted by: everynation | January 21, 2009

A Call to Service

rice.gifby Rice Broocks

Today we who are Americans are thankful to live in a nation where the transfer of power takes place peacefully. Deep down there is a spirit of hope and optimism as President Obama begins to lead. I was struck by his humility and gracious demeanor as he honored everyone from former President Bush to his former rival, John McCain.

Choosing Pastor Rick Warren, a conservative Christian leader to give the invocation, showed his openness to listen to people with conservative social values and reminds us to resist the sins of cynicism and criticism and turn instead to the real virtues of prayer and trust in God.

The Presidents call to service needs to be taken by all of us as a real challenge to revive the spirit that built our nation and originates from the Spirit of God Himself.
We have no time for finger pointing and blame fixing, instead we must as believers return to our first love and our first works as the book of Revelation admonishes.

We are invigorated as leaders of Bethel World Outreach Center and Every Nation Churches to fulfill our calling to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are determined to overcome every obstacle that threatens to block our way and to see God’s Word transform our world.

Rice Broocks is the author of A Minute with Rice and the senior pastor of Bethel World Outreach Center in Brentwood, Tennessee.



  1. Dear Pastor Rice,
    To God be the glory! Mr.Obama’s election, and assumption of office is very prophetic, i see it as a proof of the love that God has for the USA.

    I also believe that Obama’s election is very symbolic. I believe it is a prophetic pointer, and part of the fulfillment of God’s global plan for the black race in these end times. I believe it is in line with one of the prophetic songs you sang during the conference in Nigeria “AFRICA AFRICA…LIFT UP YOUR EYES…SEE THE GLORY RISE…

    I thank God for the word’s you shared in Nigeria, and the impact your book “Every Nation in our Generation” in my life, and ministry.

    God bless you sir, and the USA, as we join you in the hope for a reinvigorated and stronger America, that will champion the move for global peace through the gospel.

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