Posted by: everynation | October 24, 2008


by Garry Senna

Perspective is always an interesting thing. Two people can view an identical situation and both have a perspective about it that is polar opposite. I can remember my days as a photojournalist in Southwest Virginia where this happened often. I would go on assignment with a reporter, take the pictures and then read the article the next day and wonder if we were at the same place at the same time.

I have come to appreciate that life is really all about our perspective.

Had one of those God perspectives today on a 14 mile training run. I was feeling some pain in both my mind and my body on this run and as I hit the home stretch with about 4 miles to go I caught up with a woman who was on a ten mile run. She asked me how far to a certain point, I told her, and, asked her what was going on in her life. (I am not a prophet – her running cap was covering her shaved head). She said she was on her third round of chemo for breast cancer and was running for as long as she could stand it. We talked about the fight she was in, the choices she was making, I told her I would be praying for her, and left her by telling her how much of an inspiration she was to me.

Needless to say the last four miles were not to difficult for me today.

Garry Senna is a husband, father, pastor and police chaplain. He is the senior pastor of Harvest Valley Christian Church.

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