Posted by: everynation | September 2, 2008

The Power of Stretching!

by Larry Matsuwaki

As I was doing my weekly run, I tried to push myself to go a little further when all of a sudden my legs began to cry out stop! No more! I’m in pain!

As this began to happen I thought to myself, why am I torturing myself like this? I reflected on my friend Scott Douma on how he could now stretch and touch the ground. I was amazed that with no effort at all he could touch his toes. I could barely touch my calf! I asked him how could he do that, seeing that he is a little bigger than I am!! He said, because he stretched everyday because he had a sore back! Stretching actually helped his back improve!

Then I thought, why do I run? Because if I don’t run, my body wins! By that I mean, at my age, if I stop exercising I will grow a bigger belly! I will loose everything I have worked hard for all my life. All my days to the gym, playing sports and trying to eat right would have gone to waist. If I fail to stretch before I run, my legs cramp and they get even more cranky as I try to run. Some like to exercise! For me its a must!

It’s a great reminder if I fail to stretch myself spiritually I will grow spiritually fat and expire into complacency! I continue to grow and push myself daily in God’s word! I stretch myself to fast and pray! These spiritual disciplines are a must to keep myself on this marathon race of life!

Well, I made it home! In fact, I ran up 10 stories of stairs at the end after this revelation during my run! My body is still in pain but I am reminded of those famous spiritual words…

NO PAIN NO GAIN!! or let me put it this way KNOW Pain! KNOW Gain!

(please don’t over torture yourself – know your limits!!)

Larry Matsuwaki is the senior pastor of Every Nation Singapore.


  1. Pain! Why don’t I like that word!! Is it really necessary for growth? Is there any other way? As I reflect through life experiences, it seems the answer is NO! “Know Pain, know gain”… HUL! thanks for the “painful” reminder…!!

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