Posted by: everynation | June 7, 2008

how to accomplish any goal

by Joshua Abbott

When you set out to spend more time with God, or prioritize time with your spouse or pay off the debt from last Christmas or lose those ten pounds from two Christmases ago, do you feel like Indiana Jones, jumping over dangerous pits, ducking just to keep your head and Your not sure at the end if you’ll reach your goal.

Ok, I’m writing this for all the people like me who are recovering laziholics who at one time or another tried to justify and victimize themselves for their current non-desirable position instead of trying to change it to be victorious. You see, you can’t have a victim’s attitude and a victors attitude at the same time. So, choose…for those who want to see some steps that have helped me read on.

1. Identify the goal.

This seems like a no-brainer but unless you want to be like Matthew Emmons who lost the gold medal in rifle shooting because he shot the wrong target then I suggest following your high school coaches advice and “keep your eye on the ball”. Write it down. A friend of mine once pointed out that even subjective goals can be described, and if they can be described, they just became more tangible.

2. Faith

George Michaels never sang truer words than when he said “you gotta have faith”. If you don’t believe you can achieve something, you wont.

Faith says “I believe I can do it”

3. Determination

This is the gritty decision to do it no matter what the cost.

Determination says “I WILL DO IT”

(Desire is part of this but doesn’t merit its own place because desire says “I would like to have it” sometimes we have goals that we need to accomplish but maybe desire isn’t the biggest factor so I’m including it here under determination.)

4. Develope your plan/strategy/priorities

goal: get from A to B. Strategy: this is how I will get there…

plan you work, work your plan.

5. Accountability

Have measurable goals & write them down. Determine what are the mile markers along the way so you can see if you’re progressing, standing still or backing up.

6. Sacrifice

the greater the goal, the greater the price.

Dave Ramsey says, “we live like no one else, so that later we can live like NO ONE else”

this principle works for everything from losing weight to getting your finances in order to organizing your time to making decisions about your childrens education.

7. Kill the sacred cow

Be willing to always revisit what you’re doing, and how that’s working out for you. If you don’t like the results, then it may be time to plan a different type of approach.

When I used to prepare for a competition either in Karate or Bodybuilding, I would start about 3-4 months before the competition and have a goal in mind, then develope a basic strategy to get there but several times along the way I would have to re-adjust in order to see greater results.


I saved this one for last because, it’s the most important. STAY CONSISTENT. Remember the story of the tortise and the hare?

You must have funnel vision, in other words everything works toward your goal.

For example, If my goal is to save X amount of dollars this year, it’s not enough to just open a savings account, I need to remember my goal at lunch time when my choices are the tuna sandwich I brought or that double whopper with cheese (that costs 3 times the price of tuna and I get to where it on my waist for a couple of months.)

The secret to weight loss is, THERE IS NO SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS! It’s about choices, the little ones everyday.

Do I give myself little breaks from my plan? Do I give myself excuses to not hit the track or walking trail? If I can’t workout for a whole hour do I go ahead and do what I can or just do nothing? Do I rationalize that there are others that are worse than me?

The secret to saving more is, THERE IS NO SECRET TO SAVING MORE! it’s about choices, the little ones everyday.

Do I eat out everyday instead of packing my lunch? Do I have to get the $4 starbucks coffee or can I make on Maxwell House? Do I purchase the most expensive brands in the supermarket?

The secret to having time to read your Bible everyday is, THERE IS NO SECRET TO HAVING TIME TO READ YOUR BIBLE EVERYDAY! it’s about choices, the little ones everyday.

Do I sleep another hour? Do I watch the morning news with my coffee? Do I have a Bible at work?

These little choices all put together is what makes you consistent or not.

Song 2:15
Catch the foxes for us,
The little foxes that are ruining the vineyards,
While our vineyards are in blossom.”

Joshua Abbott leads the Every Nation church plant in Maracaibo, Venezuela with his wife, Carolina, and their son, Caleb. He is the author of Josh & Caro’s Corner.


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