Posted by: everynation | June 4, 2008


by Paolo Punzalan

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a blog – “When God Says No…”

The question for me this week is “What if God Says Go…?”

“But I don’t feel like it…”
“But it doesn’t make sense…”
“But you can’t forgive just like that!!!…”

We can come up with our ‘buts’… Some have big ones, some have negligable ones, while some have ones that stink. However, our “buts” won’t prevail. He is sovereign.

As we embark on our new series, “Finding Jonah”, this week in many of our Victory churches in the Metro, we are going to study the life of a runaway prophet who was called to speak to a group of people he didn’t like (a grave understatement).

While studying it, there were a couple of lessons I gathered…

1. You can run but you can’t win.

Jonah wanted to run away from what God wanted him to do. He tried… very hard… like travelling 2500 miles the opposite direction, but ultimately God prevailed on him.

It’s virtually impossible to run from God. We can try, but we all know who will win. The Bible says that a man plans his course but it’s the Lord’s plan that will prevail.

2. You can always find a boat sailing the wrong direction.

Jonah didn’t try very hard to run away from God. His escape route was readily available.

When we try to go the opposite of God’s plan, it’s not hard to find ways to do so. For some darn reason, the enemy will always try to make it easy to step away from Him. Though it will be a fight to stay in the center of His will, His grace will often be overwhelmingly available.

3. Your worst nightmare may exactly be what you need at the moment.

Jonah became dinner. The Bible says that “God provided a great fish” (Jonah 1:17). Provided? Jonah’s nightmare was a provision from God? That really doesn’t make sense, it seems.

But what he got was what he exactly needed.

To many of us, the things we go through may not necessarily be the most ideal but probably the most beneficial.

Remember God knows what’s best. His ways are higher than ours.

Paolo Punzalan overseas more than 700 Kid’s Church volunteers every Sunday at VCF-Fort Bonifacio and is the author of “All About the Next Generation.”

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