Posted by: everynation | June 1, 2008

Lessons Being Learned

by Greg Mitchell
We have desired to see a church in Vancouver that reflects God’s love and authority. In that process we have learned, or at least are learning, some things about discipleship that I want to share:

* We must be led by compassion not success, lest we disrespect the less “valuable”.
* Discipleship is a non-exclusive relationship, based on listening versus advice.
* Spiritual family is an open invitation, not a dictated obligation.
* To promote heart transformation versus external conformity, we must base our input on Biblical principles versus extra-Biblical behaviors.
* Jesus cares as much about our pain as He does our victories.
* A motive of love lets us express both conviction and kindness.
* Discipleship is an ongoing process of truth, repentance and faith.
* We must deal with sin in a way that leads to reconciliation.
* Relationships must be reciprocal, where feedback and transparency are mutual.
* A local church does not serve itself, but helps people find and follow Jesus (in partnership with other ministries).
* We evaluate people according to their direction not their perfection.
* Following Jesus is best done in the context of community.

Please pray for our church family that we would serve in a way that reflects Jesus’ heart and will, that we would learn from our mistakes, and that God’s grace would cover those who have been hurt in the past.

Greg Mitchell is the senior pastor of Every Nation Vancouver and is the author of Pastor Greg’s Blog.

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