Posted by: everynation | May 27, 2008

Where is your head?

by Frank Christie

Denial is not a river in Egypt, it is an ocean that you find yourself swimming in to survive. Right now in our beautiful country there is a massive ocean of denial. Our government have an “ostrich-head-in-the-sand” position to the reality of dangers facing our nation. Crime, poverty, HIV/AIDS, corruption, the crisis in Zimbabwe and xenophobia. There have been feeble attempts at minimizing the problem, but still people are dying. An uncomfortable truth!

Denial is about refusing to confront or acknowledge a problem. Which allows the problem to escalate from a trickle to an ocean. Head-in-the-sand comes from the supposed habit of ostriches hiding when faced by danger. This was first written of by a Roman writer Pliny the Elder, in his book called Naturalis Historia, an encyclopedia written in 77AD the largest single work to have survived from the Roman Empire to the modern day. Ostriches neither bury their heads in ground or bushes,however they do lie down to make themselves less conspicuous.

Denial is the psychological process by which human beings protect themselves from things which threaten them by blocking knowledge of those things from their awareness. It is a defense which distorts reality; it keeps us from feeling the pain and uncomfortable truth about things we do not want to face. If we cannot feel or see the consequences of our actions, then everything is fine and we can continue to live without making any changes.

We can all think of some famous denials: Peter denying Jesus! But I have to look at myself today and ask the question, what am I in denial about? Everyone in denial attempts to minimize, rationalize, blame others, or even employ the tactic of diversion(changing the subject). Denial can also be subtle, optimists deny that things can go wrong, pessimists deny they may succeed, and people take credit for their success and find ‘good reason’ for their failures. I know how Peter felt as I have often been in denial!

We must confront the danger! Confrontation can either be an opportunity for growth or a constant affront to one’s self-esteem. We see how Peter grew after he confronted his denial of Jesus! Judas remained in denial and he ended up a victim. Our denial leads to the death of others (Jesus) and ourselves (Judas). Confrontation will leave us as victors, but denying is setting us up as victims.

Let’s all get our heads out of the sand and be victors!

Please pray today against the violence in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Joshua 1:6

Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their forefathers to give them.

Frank Christie is the senior pastor of Every Nation Somerset West, the founder of Thembalitsha and the author of Being Frank.



  1. You are right Frank, we all need to take responsibilty in every season we face as individuals, families, communities and as nations to see victory reigning in our lives. Blame shifting starts when people are not looking within, thanks a lot for reminding us. I am looking within now, so that I don’t in denial;

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