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Simon Bardoneby Simon Bardone

I’ve been a ‘fulltime’ 21st Century Christian ‘missionary’ for almost five years now. And during these last five years I’ve been trained, invested in, trusted, counted on, looked up to, esteemed, etc… It’s all been very cool, and I wouldn’t trade my life for anyones’. But one thing I’ve noticed about myself… when a person (like myself) is constantly being looked up to, or expected to be an example for others, it’s very easy to begin putting on the ’super-strong facade’.

What I mean is, one begins to feel the need, or pressure, to constantly be stong for the people around them (as if those people are somehow not as strong). What I’ve personally, painfully, learned though is that people don’t alway want, like, or need someone ’strong’ to lean on. Actually… when you’re feeling quite un-strong yourself, sometimes having someone strong around just makes you feel even more pathetic and weak.

The Bible says something about this…weakness
2 Corinthians 12:9 – “…my power is made perfect in weakness.”

I used to always think that this was a verse that simply applied exclusively to yourself. That is, I kind of just looked at it as a reminder to cheer you up when you’re feeling down… a reminder that God’s strength is made even more apparent when you’re not doing too well… like it’s another way for God to get even more glory… because He’s able to use us even when we suck.

This is all true. But I recently realized something else about this truth… My personal weaknesses can lead to God’s power being made perfect in others! When I expose my personal weaknesses to others (especially to people who I’m supposed to be being strong for), it’s incredibly empowering… for THEM!

In my weakness, His power is made perfect… in the hurting people around me.

Share your weakness with someone who needs to be empowered today.

Simon Bardone is a missionary in London and the author of Simonslife Online.


  1. Great word Simon!

  2. that is so true in my life. I have noticed lately as I coach others in sports and life that when I am open to others about my insecurities that they want to play harder. Also, it seems to develop more unity. It feels sometimes like a step off a cliff to share my weaknesses but it does seem to make others perform better.

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