Posted by: everynation | March 19, 2008

Living in Tents: Birthing

jeffbullock.jpgby Jeff Bullock

Cross-cultural Church planting begins with a man or a woman. Pastor Mark Driscoll, I believe, is right when he speaks of the most critical variable in beginning a new church is the man. It isn’t the financing, the facility, the friendships, the strategy or the core team.

God started with a man…Adam.

He chose a Man… Moses

He set in a Man…David

And at the right time gave the Man Christ Jesus.

Statistically 80% of all church plants fail. Selection and proper training is imperative.
The church planter needs to be prepared right.

Birthing requires fortitude, character, strength of will and courage, the ability to find God and execute His will. It involves blood and pain. The birth of the first church required the blood of Christ and the pain of the cross.

In the movie Rocky 3…. Clubber Lane (Mr. T) is asked by a reporter, “What’s your prediction for the fight? “Prediction”, Lane replied. “Pain.” Good prediction for the church planter.

The man that takes you out isn’t necessarily the man that takes you in.
Moses took them out of Egypt, Joshua took them into the promise land.

David prepared the temple, Solomon built it.

Adam took us out, Jesus took us in.

Lech Walesa, the Polish freedom fighter, who led the shipyard strike in Gdansk, Poland and led his country out of Communism, could not lead his nation into Democracy. He was the man for the birthing but not for the maturing. Neither birthing nor maturing is easy. Both require a certain skill set.

We see this happen often in business and ministry. One man starts it, in 10-12 years establishes it, makes it reputable but another takes it to greatness.

No ministry becomes great unless it is matured. No ministry is matured unless it is birthed. No church is birthed without the right man!

Just my opinion.

Jeff Bullock is the author of “The Pub” and is currently planting a church in Budapest, Hungary.



  1. once again great article.strength and honour

  2. a lot people think that church planting is easy when the actual team has been established. they don’t know the pain and suffering the people have to endure. it is not easy to be sent and used by God but of course there is the joy to serve our Lord. our pains and sufferings are never seen by men only by God. only God understood Jesus when the 1st church was bulit. and only God knows how the people within the team strive and struggle even if they are the right people for the job. that is why i strongly believe in a ‘ prayerful people’, those people who stand behind the people ‘being sent’ to build a church. it is man that is being sent but even a man without a support group gives up. who sustains him then? only GOD. that is why no man is his own island. we work together, suffer together and laugh together. we do this for God, we do this for HIS glory and let ourselves grow maturily as well. after all we ARE in the body of the church. And Jesus is the head. it is a hard road but a worthy road to take. and the right motive makes it even more bearable..

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