Posted by: everynation | February 25, 2008

Things That are Super

lynn.pngby Lynn Nawata

I have been a delinquent blogger of late. This is mostly due to a confluence of events which includes super Tuesday and being super busy.

I am not an American (and therefore cannot vote in the upcoming election) and have always had as much interest in American politics as I have for, say, the inner workings of the internal revenue service. This year, however, is different.

When a friend invited me to a dinner party on Feb 5, I responded, “Oh! that’s super duper Tuesday!!!” (whereupon she gave me one of those, “o…k…, that’s, really odd…” kind of looks)

I found myself glued to CNN the next morning, watching the results come in, trying to make sense of super delegates and the super-confusing American electoral system.

Some random thoughts from super Tuesday …

In the span of 5 minutes, the commentators on CNN referred to THEMSELVES as “the best political team on television” no less than 5 TIMES. Now, is it just me, or are these folks missing a little thing called “HUMILITY”???

Americans love their hyperbole. For example, why do the winners of the superbowl call themselves “world champions“??? haven’t they noticed that other countries play football too?

If America was a superhero, which one would it be? Batman’s too dark. Spiderman too self-effacing. Wonder Woman too buxom and the Incredible Hulk too, well, green. No doubt about it — it has to be superman.

All the politics and flights of hyperbole, however, did get me to thinking … what qualifies something as “super“?

Here, then, is my list of “things that are super”:

–> Friends who tell you men are blind when the guy you like doesn’t notice you;

–> Mr. & Mrs. Incredible

–> People that give up cushy jobs to serve orphans and the poor;

–> Milenyo, the supertyphoon that flattened large swaths of the Philippines in 2006 with 230 kph winds;

–> Terry Fox, the courageous young amputee who lost a leg to bone cancer and then ran a “marathon of hope” across Canada on one leg and South Africa’s amazing “blade runner;”

–> Christians in China.

Lynn Nawata is the author of The Tale of Gaijin, Lynn’s Book Club, and is the Chief Blogging Officer of Every Nation Ministries.


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