Posted by: everynation | January 29, 2008

Lessons at the Mac Store

Garry Sennaby Garry Senna

For Christmas a good friend of mine gave me a series of lessons at our local Macintosh store. Yesterday I started exploring Aperture – the digital software for photography. I have had the software for over a year now and actually went through the on line lessons, played with it and yet in the 50 minutes at the store with someone who really knew the program I learned more than I ever knew. I was stunned with the potential of the program as I navigated, under the apt eye of my instructor, into the various layers of options. They were always there waiting to be used but I lacked the skill to access them – at any substantive level.

I thought of two things as I was excitedly learning – 1) Power of discipleship and 2) The depth of God.

Power of Discipleship – Here I was a 50 year old guy being schooled by a 20 year old kid who patiently taught me without judgement or criticism. A few times he stopped and asked me if I was ok as he could tell I was reaching saturation point. His passion coupled with his skill set allowed me to learn more than I ever could on my own. A valuable lesson for me as I rekindle my passion to make disciples and share the things I know about Jesus.

The Depth of God – It seemed like every keystroke unfolded another cool feature of the software. At times my jaw would drop and I would say “How did they do that?” This was a valuable lesson for me as well that reminded me that even though I may have had God on my “computer” for a while there is still a whole lot that more stuff that He desires to show and unfold for me.


  1. Awesome Garry. My 18yr old son got Aperture for Christmas and mastered it in about 12ns. Power of discipleship – absolutely. Depth of God – Amen.

    Need some Purple Books?

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