Posted by: everynation | January 20, 2008

Modern Wall Building

Garry Sennaby Garry Senna

We are remodeling our church sanctuary and it has lead me to an obvious study of exploring what Nehemiah went through in his “rebuilding project”. I got stuck in the first chapter when Nehemiah had the “curiosity” to ask about the Jews who had escaped and also Jerusalem. He found out that the walls were broken down and its gates were burned with fire. This meant that the city was unprotected and vulnerable to attack. Why did he ask? What was his motivation? It had to be a God inspired question that would forever redirect his life, his heart, and his leadership.

When he heard these words he sat down, wept, mourned, and fasted before God. His heart was now captured by God for a task MUCH larger than himself. What if he never asked? What if out of his contentment he really never cared about a people 800 miles away, after all he had a rather nice and protected life in a city VERY SAFE and protected.

Why bother with feeling what God was feeling for His people.

I think at times we struggle with asking God about what is on His heart -through prayer – because we are simply too fearful to risk again, too afraid to open our hearts again. Who can really blame anyone for not wanting to risk again – pain is a very real thing, and, emotional pain can be the deepest and obviously the most hidden, yet it shapes so many areas of our lives.

When we cloister our hearts everyone loses – those around us never really touch the depth of who we are, we lose because we end up living lives without passion, and lastly great causes that require our emotional investment and partnership with God remain undone until another person asks the question like Nehemiah did.

Garry Senna is a husband, father, pastor and police chaplain. He is the senior pastor of Harvest Valley Christian Church.


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