Posted by: everynation | December 19, 2007

Shaken and Stirred

garrards.jpgby Brent Garrard

James Bond used to say, I like my martinis shaken and not stirred, and I guess in essence He still says the same thing today in his movies. Since the first movie was made in 1962 I guess he has had over fifty years of martinis. That is a lot of shaking. The reason I bring this up is because I am reading a book at this moment that is discussing how God shakes our lives. God has great reasons for shaking our lives, primarily to help us get rid of everything that causes us to be self reliant.

In Hebrews 12:26-27 we can read that shaking will come to each of our lives. Everything that remains standing is lasting and built on the right foundation, that being Jesus Christ. What gives way and crumbles in fact needs to crumble. It could be pride, self-confidence, selfish desires and of course the list could go on and on. These are just a sampling of the things God wants out of our lives so that He can do all of the great things through us that He desires to do.

If you read in the Gospels, the accounts of Peter’s life you will find a man who went through much shaking and stirring. Then if you continue on to read about Peter in the book of Acts you will find a man who is no longer independent, but interdependent on the Lord. His self confidence and self-reliance had given way to humility and a pure heart. He allowed the shaking to result in a changed life.

We all will be shaken; it is our choice how we respond. We can decide to remain humbly dependant on the One who will make sure we “remain” or we can pridefully refuse help and be found “wanting.”

One author stated five things they see as being the purpose for shaking an object: to bring it closer to its foundation, to remove what is dead, to harvest what is ripe, to awaken, and/or to unify or mix together so it can no longer be separated (see John and Lisa Bevere – Bait of Satan). So what purpose has it held for you? What remains in your life? I can honestly say I have never had a martini, but I have had a life that has been shaken and stirred.

Brent Garrard is an enthusiastic blogger and the senior pastor of In Focus Church in Evans, Georgia.



  1. Thanks Brent. The shaking is like gym- we have to be prepared to go through it regularly, its hard while its happening, but the rewards are priceless.

  2. Truly, the quality and value of the gem is in the degree of shaking and smoothen it is allowed to go through. We cannot be christlike without the divine hands moulding and making us into the image of the model son- Jesus. The dark room of production is the shaking room. I pray when our shaking time comes, we all will have grace to respond appropriately. Thanks Brent, that was insightful because somethings we forget certain realities in our walk with God.

  3. Serge and Tunde, you both have added excellents points. Does anything worth having ever come without a price or at the very least great effort? I am glad that I am the clay and that God is the master craftsmen, because when He is finished I know it will look good.

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