Posted by: everynation | October 22, 2007

Deep Enough to Dream

by Garry Senna

Garry SennaAt church we are studying the early church and how they did “life”. I have been reflecting upon the early disciples and what they went through in their journey when I came upon this in George Ladd’s book A Theology of The New Testament. Ladd writes about what they must have been experiencing emotionally as they watched Jesus and their dream die – “Jesus’ death had shattered all these hopes. When Jesus was seized by the temple soldiers, his disciples all forsook him and fled for safety lest they too be taken prisoners (Mk 14:50) . Apparently only one of the disciples was actually present at the hour of his death. None of the disciples seemingly had the courage to ask for his body for burial. Evidently the disciples did not dare show their faces lest they should suffer the fate of their master. The death of Jesus meant the death of their hopes. The coming of the kingdom was a dead dream, incarcerated in the tomb along with the body of Jesus (Jn 20:19). The idea that a cross could play any role in the mission of the Messiah, that the crucifixion of Jesus could mean only the complete disillusionment of his followers.

Who can not relate to the death of a dream? Life has a harsh way of teaching us that we can’t always get what we want, that life does, and, is not meant to be lived out centered on our needs wants and desires. I have been a pastor for too long, done too many funerals, too many chaplaincy calls to think in a naive fashion that life is always pleasant. It simply can be hard and confusing at times. It is how we handle these times where I believe our lives are fully defined. Do we allow bitterness to control our lives? Do we allow anger to dominate the landscape of our relationships? Do we let depression weigh us down? Do we focus on what we have lost at the expense of what we still have? Is our future now determined and shaped more by our past then the freshness and adventure of the present coupled with the future? Valid things to explore when life throws us a curve ball. We can expect due to the nature of life to have the unexpected happen – it is how we handle it and the choices and decisions we make that mark our lives and those we touch.

Ladd states that what transformed the disciples from a “terrified, hopeless, disappointed band to the bold preachers of Jesus as Messiah was His resurrection from the dead”. That truth for our lives today is as real as it was to them – Jesus and the hope he gives us through his resurrection can breathe new life into our broken and shattered lives.

My prayer for your life as you read this is that God would breathe hope into your soul and cause you to dream again in those areas of your life that you thought were dead and buried.

Garry Senna is a husband, father, pastor and police chaplain. He is the senior pastor of Harvest Valley Christian Church and currently in training to run a marathon in December.



  1. Garry,
    Great article! It was good talking with you while I was in Nashville with Jim and everyone
    God bless,

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