Posted by: everynation | October 2, 2007

Letting go of “Baby R”

by David Webb


David Webb is the founder and director of the Baby Haven orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa and authors a blog called “World Wide Webbs.”

Of all the orphan projects we’ve been involved in through the years, nothing has been more exciting than what we’re in the middle of now. We’re still astonished that what started as just another adoption process put us in the highest court in the Republic of South Africa, right in the middle of a court case that has been key in opening up the right to adopt in this great nation.

Most of you know that “Baby R” (the courts won’t let us identify her further) is on her way back to the Children’s court that refused to hear her case 2 years ago, thanks to an order by the Constitutional Court issued September 18th.

You may know that in a press release yesterday, a major South African political party demanded an explanation to Parliament from the Dept of Social Development as to why her case was mishandled these last two years.

In the middle of all the excitement, my family and I are preparing our hearts once again to say good-bye to a child we love deeply. And yet this was our hope and prayer since Baby R came to us three years ago… that her “Forever Family” would find her and take her home. And it has happened! God had a plan for this little girl found upside down in a bucket in a field!

It’s a small price to pay if you think about it. We get to love on one spectacular gift from God after another and share the joy of those parents whose prayers are answered as we hand them the child they had hoped for.

And along the way we remember that Job declared he knew he had pleased God because “he had come to the aid of the fatherless, who had none to assist him.” (Job 29:11) It is good to know we are pleasing God. My wife said recently that when she is up in the middle of the night feeding a baby… a constant event for these last 18 years… she feels His pleasure.

David Webb is the founder and director of the Baby Haven orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa and authors a blog called “World Wide Webbs.”


  1. David, we rejoice in what you are doing and believe it is at the center of the Father’s heart. Mike & Myra

  2. Dear David
    A child is precious and the joy of receiving such a gift is beyond words to people who are longing to have their own.It is a miracle and God is using you to unfold it daily in people’s lives.Rajesh & Aurora

  3. Dear David, I am pastor samuel dasi from India. I am pastoring for past 8 years. recently while I am praying to the Lord He showed me orphans whome they are effected by HIV. as their parents are died by Hiv. so please I came to take them and comforting them once in a week. I am asking God and praying to give accomidation and give them education.
    Really I am crying about them to show the Christ Love. No body taking cere of them due to the HIV. They just think if they will allow them to their homes they might get HIV. Thou they are beeing teached about HIV they do not want to take care of the childred. now iam having 11 children with me. I need people to support for them to get clothing ,education, food and residence.
    please pray for them and reply me if God puts you anythig of them.
    I need your strong prayers and loving support for them.
    Thank you very much.
    Pastor dasi Samuel
    In His mighty ministry

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